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7 Reasons to Join Startup Academy Flight IV


The beginning of the fourth flight of WECREATE Pakistan’s flagship program, Startup Academy, is on the horizon. In case you didn’t know, Startup Academy is a program designed to accelerate the start-up process in which entrepreneurs walk through the steps required to get a company going.

1- Tons of Learning

Flight IV of Startup Academy is packed with weekly experiential business-building sessions that offer action-oriented learning that will allow you to look at your idea from various different angles and tweak various aspects in real time. Come into the program with your full dedication and low and behold, you will have a working business model in no time. Learn from seasoned mentors and incorporate their feedback as you go along.

2- Master the Jargon

Do you look in fascination at someone using terms like ‘USP’, ‘Go-to-Market Strategy’, ‘Competitive Advantage’ and so on and wish you could do the same? You’ve got company! During Startup Academy, you will not only learn these terms, but also their in-depth meaning and how they apply to your unique business idea.

3- Meet Like-Minded People

Are you the odd woman out and your family and friends can’t quite understand you and your passion for your brilliant idea? You’re likely not alone. You will meet a bunch of like-minded people who not only understand your point of view, but are most likely living with the same woes of entrepreneurship that haunt you – the upside? These like-minded people will become your friends and support network for the long haul.

4- Take your idea to the next level

Are you a woman and have you been pondering an idea for ages and haven’t gotten around to starting it yet? Need that push to put you into gear? This is the perfect opportunity for you to start working on your idea and build the business of your dreams. The accelerated program will equip you with all the tools and knowledge the lack of which may have been holding you back.

5- Time to Get Inspired

A little bit of inspiration never hurt anyone! We aim to inspire you every single week – you will learn stories from your peers and come to know the journeys of mentors, all of which will serve as great motivators in your own entrepreneurial journey.

6- Take the Leap

If something has been holding you back from pursuing your dream, join the Startup Academy as a first step towards making that big leap. There are hordes of ideas out there – if you think yours has a chance to really make a difference, be a part of the Startup Academy gang and we’ll help you with the execution.

7- You Will Be Part of the Family

We have a network of incredible women entrepreneurs who are an inspiration and are always up for offering advice and coaching you may need. During the Startup Academy program, you will get the opportunity to network with them and you will become part of our big family of entrepreneurs and enablers.

Tempted to register to Flight IV of Startup Academy? What are you waiting for? Get on board!

World’s First WECREATE Women’s Entrepreneurship Center Launches in Pakistan


The WECREATE | PAKISTAN team with Ambassador Olsen and Special Representative Scott Nathan during the official launch ceremony.

ISLAMABAD: Reinforcing the US commitment to advancing gender equality through entrepreneurship in Pakistan, US Ambassador Richard Olson inaugurated the Women’s Entrepreneurial Center of Resources, Education, Access and Training for Economic Empowerment (WECREATE) here on Friday.

The centre, the first of its kind in the world, will advance gender equality in entrepreneurship and provide training support and mentorship for women entrepreneurs in Pakistan. Read the full article here.