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StartUp Academy – All You Need to Know About WECREATE’s Flagship Programme!

StartUp Academy has been specifically designed to accelerate the start-up process by walking female entrepreneurs through the universal steps required to build a company. The StartUp Academy program is limited to 15-18 startup teams and consists of fifteen weekly experiential business-building sessions designed to support development of a start-up, from creating the core business model to understanding how to generate revenue quickly.

Each three hour weekly session is lead by local entrepreneurs and business leaders who share their unique and honest experiences with the entrepreneurs engaged in the start-up process. Each session builds upon the previous one and at the end of the program entrepreneurs will have an operating business and/or prototype ready to go to market.

Startup Cup

So how does StartUp Academy work? It all starts with passionate, energetic female entrepreneurs with an idea. StartUp Academy adds the help and support needed to build a successful company. Specifically, we provide:

  • Hands on mentoring and coaching from those who have “been there and done it”
  • Donated legal services to help to properly form a company
  • Introductions to a large network of entrepreneurs, funding sources and specialists in the start-up process

Who Can Apply to StartUp Academy?

Anyone female entrepreneur with a business idea, or women currently in business less than one year can apply for the StartUp Academy program. All submissions will be reviewed by a panel of seasoned entrepreneurs and mentors to determine which companies will be invited to interview for one of the 15-18 places in the program.

What criteria will be used to decide which companies to invite to interview for StartUp Academy?

As we review applications we will focus on the following questions:

  • How coachable is the team?
  • How realistic is the idea?
  • What is the market opportunity?
  • Can a prototype, beta or market-ready product or service be created within 4 / 8 / 15 weeks?
  • Is the individual and/or team committed to starting a business? Are they coachable?

Startup Academy Two

What kinds of ideas are best to submit for StartUp Academy?

Ideas of interest include those that can be developed into a viable business. This includes agriculture, textiles, arts, restaurants, home businesses, retail stores, technological advances, green tech, web and mobile, licensing, professional services, and franchising, to name a few.

How will the mentors select the entrepreneurs invited to join the StartUp Academy program?

When an entrepreneur is invited to meet the mentors for an interview they are one step closer to being invited to join the StartUp Academy program. Interviews will be scheduled in 15-minute increments and will be strictly adhered to. Entrepreneurs will “pitch” the business idea to the mentors and the mentors will ask questions to ascertain the following:

  • The entrepreneurs’ determination / commitment to the start up
  • Is the entrepreneur coachable?
  • Would the entrepreneur benefit from StartUp Academy?
  • Does the entrepreneur have support from your family / significant other?
  • Is the idea presented valid / viable?
  • Does the entrepreneur have risk capital beyond tuition?

How much does it cost to join the StartUp Academy program?

StartUp Academy tuition is (Localized fee structure required here. Note: Entrepreneurs must have some type of skin in the game. This usually means some amount of money comes out of their pockets to join StartUp Cup Academy)

Are there other costs associated with the StartUp Academy program?

Other costs will vary based upon business types and could include marketing materials, logo development, corporate structure, intellectual property legal costs, and Website development.

Does the entrepreneur need to have a business plan?

No, one simply needs to complete the online application. We are searching for women and companies who have identified a true market opportunity and a way to fill it.

Can the entrepreneur submit more than one application?

Yes, if one has more than one idea. We request that the applicant does not submit more than one application for the same idea.

What services will StartUp Academy provide?

Business talent, legal services and counsel, mentoring, guidance from leading visionaries, seasoned entrepreneurs and investors, introduction to great business people and contacts to help one get to the next level.

What is expected of the entrepreneur?

We want the women entrepreneur to stay focused and work hard to build their company. We also encourage the entrepreneur to remain open to our ideas and suggestions. Other than that, we want the entrepreneur to enjoy the process of building their company!

Why is WECREATE doing this?

WECREATE | PAKISTAN is committed to supporting the growth of female entrepreneurs and small businesses that will make up the future economy of Pakistan. We are also dedicated to providing innovative and non-traditional methods to growing entrepreneurs. When local entrepreneurs are successful we are successful.

Are you an aspiring woman entrepreneur looking for a push to launch your own business? Are you looking to make your business dream a reality? Our flagship program, the Startup Academy is back with Flight IV.

Our 10-week program is designed to accelerate the startup process for women entrepreneurs from Pakistan. We have launched more than 50 dynamic women-led startups; your could be next.

Apply now here!

7 Reasons to Join Startup Academy Flight IV


The beginning of the fourth flight of WECREATE Pakistan’s flagship program, Startup Academy, is on the horizon. In case you didn’t know, Startup Academy is a program designed to accelerate the start-up process in which entrepreneurs walk through the steps required to get a company going.

1- Tons of Learning

Flight IV of Startup Academy is packed with weekly experiential business-building sessions that offer action-oriented learning that will allow you to look at your idea from various different angles and tweak various aspects in real time. Come into the program with your full dedication and low and behold, you will have a working business model in no time. Learn from seasoned mentors and incorporate their feedback as you go along.

2- Master the Jargon

Do you look in fascination at someone using terms like ‘USP’, ‘Go-to-Market Strategy’, ‘Competitive Advantage’ and so on and wish you could do the same? You’ve got company! During Startup Academy, you will not only learn these terms, but also their in-depth meaning and how they apply to your unique business idea.

3- Meet Like-Minded People

Are you the odd woman out and your family and friends can’t quite understand you and your passion for your brilliant idea? You’re likely not alone. You will meet a bunch of like-minded people who not only understand your point of view, but are most likely living with the same woes of entrepreneurship that haunt you – the upside? These like-minded people will become your friends and support network for the long haul.

4- Take your idea to the next level

Are you a woman and have you been pondering an idea for ages and haven’t gotten around to starting it yet? Need that push to put you into gear? This is the perfect opportunity for you to start working on your idea and build the business of your dreams. The accelerated program will equip you with all the tools and knowledge the lack of which may have been holding you back.

5- Time to Get Inspired

A little bit of inspiration never hurt anyone! We aim to inspire you every single week – you will learn stories from your peers and come to know the journeys of mentors, all of which will serve as great motivators in your own entrepreneurial journey.

6- Take the Leap

If something has been holding you back from pursuing your dream, join the Startup Academy as a first step towards making that big leap. There are hordes of ideas out there – if you think yours has a chance to really make a difference, be a part of the Startup Academy gang and we’ll help you with the execution.

7- You Will Be Part of the Family

We have a network of incredible women entrepreneurs who are an inspiration and are always up for offering advice and coaching you may need. During the Startup Academy program, you will get the opportunity to network with them and you will become part of our big family of entrepreneurs and enablers.

Tempted to register to Flight IV of Startup Academy? What are you waiting for? Get on board!

Ken Morse Visits the Centre

Ken Morse visits the Centre

Ken Morse is a serial entrepreneur, an angel investor and a sales veteran.

He co-founded 3Com Corporation, Aspen Technology, Inc. and four other startups. He is the Founding Managing Director of the MIT Entrepreneurship Center, and conceived & led the weeklong MIT Entrepreneurship Development Program (EDP), which over the past ten years trained more than 1.000 global entrepreneurs in an intensive on campus executive education program. Since 2009 Ken is Visiting Professor at the ESADE Business School in Barcelona. He serves on the National Advisory Council on Innovation and Entrepreneurship (NACIE) of President Obama which conceived and launched “Startup America” and the “JOBS Act”. Ken serves on the Board of Advisors of several successful MIT spin-offs and several ambitious global start-ups.

Mr. Ken Morse shares his experience on “Critical Success Factors in Innovation - - What’s Hot and What’s Not”

Most Innovations fail, but yet: if we don’t INNOVATE we will die. Unstable markets, permanent changes in the geopolitical context, and accurate requirements of rigorous management in all business areas, validate the need for innovation. Many of today’s problems are in search of rapidly-developed, innovative solutions. The need to identify the critical success factors in innovation.
The discussion with Ken Morse is a good opportunity to hear about valued and tested practices concerning such factors.


The transfer of ownership of the Women’s Entrepreneurial Center of Resources, Education, Access, and Training for Economic Empowerment Center (WECREATE) from the U.S State Department to The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE) Islamabad. This was a milestone achieved, and we plan to reach greater horizons.

We like to thank everyone who was a part of our big day at the WECREATE Centre. We wish to continue to grow our entrepreneurial family and will continue to strive for excellence.

The symbolic pass of key being passed from US ambassador of Pakistan, David Hale, to Mavra Bari. From left to right: Sean Griffin, Founder and CEO StartUp Cup, Murtaza Zaidi, Executive Director TiE Islamabad, Mavra Bari, Manager WECREATE Pakistan, U.S. Ambassador, David Hale, Tanya L. Hiple, Senior Advisor, Women's Entrepreneurship and Development U.S. Department of State

The symbolic pass of key being passed from US ambassador of Pakistan, David Hale, to Mavra Bari. From left to right: Sean Griffin, Founder and CEO StartUp Cup, Murtaza Zaidi, Executive Director TiE Islamabad, Mavra Bari, Manager WECREATE Pakistan, U.S. Ambassador, David Hale, Tanya L. Hiple, Senior Advisor, Women's Entrepreneurship and Development U.S. Department of State


Are you an early stage company and want to see if you have what it takes to obtain an investment?

This program is designed to provide a platform to showcase your business model and gain invaluable feedback from industry experts.

The winner will receive incuation at WECREATE Center Pakistan!

And who knows, if you really impress an investor/mentor, you may even receive some funding!

Believe in the power of your pitch by honing it!

Who can Pitch?

Female-led startups: The Founder or Cofounder must be a woman
Female dominant startups: The startup/company should have female majority
Female entrepreneur: These can be singular females who have started a business or have a solid business model

The event will feature elevator pitches to a panel of esteemed mentors and judges, followed by Questions and Answer round and valuable feedback from industry experts. ONLY registered startups and judges will be able to attend this event.

All interested startups MUST fill in the Google Docs form:…/1u226FitE4fVlQZ58Cuw1nz9…/viewform

Only 8 startups will be selected to pitch during the event and winner will be announced at the end of the event.

– See more at:…